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The maternity Triage unit is staffed by midwives and healthcare workers and sees women from 16 weeks gestation onwards , primarily with pains or those that suspect that they are in early labour. Women who have any vaginal bleeding, or suspect that they have broken their waters should also refer themselves  to triage at the first instance.

The unit contains four bays, and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff will take telephone referrals from the women themselves or from GPs and community midwives. Triage staff will be able to assess women and give them appropriate advice on whether women need to come in to the unit, stay at home or even be seen by their own their GP. We appreciate that being in hospital can often be an anxious time for both you and your family and friends. We hope that this information about Triage will be of help.

Maternity Triage can be a very busy area, and patients will be seen on a priority of care basis. Your patience is very much appreciated at this time, and we aim to  see everyone as soon as possible. If you do not understand what is happening to you or you have any worries or questions, please ask a member of staff.


0161 291 2724

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