Hosted placement development networks

UHSM Academy’s reputation as a leading provider of education and training has led to Health England Education North West office (HEENW) choosing to host two regional networks with us. These networks support the region’s future workforce of health professionals by ensuring their student placements meet NHS quality standards.

North West Placement Development Network

The North West Placement Development Network (NWPDN) ensures student nurses and other health care trainees on placements through HEENW are working in high quality learning environments. The team work with professionals who are leading placements within Primary Care, Community Based Care and hospitals, and other health-related partner organisations, to make sure the placements meet agreed standards. The aim of the programme is to make sure students feel supported as they gain vital experience to equip them for their future careers in the NHS.

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Call: 0161 475 0629
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Work Based Education Facilitator Network

The WBEF Network provides support and guidance to Individual Learners, Mentors and all levels of Managers, in developing the Role of the Assistant Practitioner (AP) and Trainee Assistant Practitioner (TAP). We provide a professional, personalised service to assist organisations in their work force development, as well as consulting on role design across Health, Social Care and Private Independent Voluntary Organisations (PIVO) in the North West. The Network is rapidly becoming recognised as resource with regards to APs beyond the North West Region and has a National presence, sharing intelligence and experience developed in Region with colleagues across the Country. The Network is heavily involved in the ongoing challenge around professional recognition for the AP workforce. Our mission is “Reshaping the future of care through the development of the Assistant Practitioner role”

The TAP’s we support undertake a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care (Assistant Practitioner) Programme over a two year period, at one of the following North West Universities: University of Central Lancashire, The University of Bolton, The University of Chester

This enables the TAP to deliver elements of health and social care and undertake clinical work in domains that have previously only been within the remit of registered professionals. Working at Level 4 of the Career Framework, the AP role is now established across a range of services including; theatres, ward areas, stroke services, community settings, social care, long term conditions, intermediate care, paediatrics, learning disability, therapy, GP practices and mental health, including Allied Health Professionals, Social Work, Social Care, Healthcare Science, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health.

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