Learning and organisational development

Our employees are our most valuable asset and we offer a range of personal and professional career opportunities. Over 6,500 people work at UHSM and we are committed to delivering personalised professional Learning and Organisational Development opportunities to make sure all our staff are competent, skilled and knowledgeable in their roles.

Everyone takes part in an induction when they first join us, as well as a mandatory training programme which prepares our staff to start work competently, safely and confidently. Using a blended approach of innovative eLearning via the UHSM Learning Hub and instructor-led learning, we ensure that all staff are kept up to date with the training associated with their roles throughout their careers at UHSM.

A series of Clinical Skills Training and Leadership and Management courses are on offer to employees. The LEAD (Lead, Excel, Achieve, Develop) programme supports UHSM’ s vision to invest in our leaders and to become one of the top 10 NHS providers in the country. The programme is aligned to the national NHS Healthcare Leadership competencies.

We are an Institute of Leadership and Management Centre and offer a range of accredited programmes to support development of our staff in supervisory, team leader and management roles. Personalised career coaching is available to everyone who works at UHSM. Our team of expert coaches will work with staff one-to-one to support them in their personal development.

For further information please email: learninganddevelopmentteam@uhsm.nhs.uk or call: 0161 291 5797