Staff testimonials

Hear from our employees what it’s like to work at the Trust by reading testimonials from some of our nursing staff and consultants.

Annette Weatherley – Deputy Chief Nurse

‘Having started my nursing training at UHSM back in 1988, I’ve recently joined the Trust again nine months ago to take the role of Deputy Chief Nurse.

I’m responsible for developing and delivering the Trust Patient Experience and Patient Environment agendas and the development of the strategic approach to professional Nursing and Midwifery practice and policy, ensuring that the Trust’s approach is in line with National Guidance and best practice. What attracted me to the organisation was its reputation, which is highly regarded by patients, professionals and the local community as being a Trust with high standards of care and professionalism.

The thing I like most about working here is the supportive working environment and positive culture – everyone here has a willingness to share knowledge and support colleagues in delivering great patient care, which makes us a great team.

What really sets UHSM apart from the rest is that our staff truly live and breathe the Trust values (patient first, excellence, one team, open and leadership) at all levels across the organisation, Board to Ward and Ward to Board. This makes us all feel valued and recognised for our individual contribution to patient care and to the Trust.’

Nadeem Khwaia – Consultant Burns and Plastics Surgeon

‘I qualified from Manchester medical school in 1996 and first came to UHSM as part of my basic surgical training (SHO, now CT) in 1998. I applied for this initial placement because of the range of surgical specialties UHSM provided. Being born and brought up in Greater Manchester and I knew the city and its hospitals and was very excited to gain a training post at UHSM.

By the end of my training in plastic surgery, which included units elsewhere in the UK, I knew UHSM was very much the sort of department I wanted to work in, because of both the people and the clinical expertise provided. The team were very easy to get along with and helpful and I felt very much at home. Colleagues within the department had an exceptionally wide range of specialist clinical experience within burns and plastic surgery. Coming up to consultant applications, I was in the privileged position of having a choice of posts between two units but these factors made UHSM the clear choice for me.

We are a large Burns and Plastics centre in the North West recognised nationally and internationally dealing with all aspects of burn care, from critical care and surgery to rehabilitation in all areas. Whenever I tell anyone within the medical community that I work at UHSM, they are aware of our reputation. This provides an opportunity for my own career development within the field. Having grown up in North Manchester, I definitely feel a sense of pride to work as a Consultant for a leading regional Burns and Plastics unit.

In addition to my clinical work in burns and plastic surgery I have a particular interest in education and training. Within UHSM I am the Trust speciality lead for training for Plastic Surgery and am responsible for both training and non training grade doctors in the department. I have a keen interest in undergraduate training both within surgery and in general. I instruct on a number of courses within Manchester, nationally and internationally. These are multidisciplinary involving all members of the healthcare team. This has allowed UHSM to become one of the leaders in simulation training of the burn care team in the UK.

The majority of the work is for local people in South and Greater Manchester Manchester but we also provide specialised burn care care for whole of the North West and sometimes for patients from further afield. A number of people within our department are involved in national and international work. I am currently setting up links with lower middle income countries mainly on an educational front. The department is very supportive of such initiatives to lead on innovative developments in patient care. To anyone considering applying for a post at UHSM, I would say that it is a great place to work with world class care being provided by fantastic teams of multi professionals in both supra regional sub specialist care but equally if not more importantly, providing high quality local services for local people.’

Christopher Lewis – Staff Nurse

‘I qualified as a nurse five years ago, and during my training I gained experience working within several different trusts but UHSM stood out as the place I felt most at home. The hospital has a great feeling about it. It’s hard to describe but I just feel completely at ease within the UHSM environment and it’s such an inspiring place to work. The pace within the hospital enables me to constantly test my skill set and there are always exciting opportunities for professional development; both of which I find highly motivating.

As one of the Senior Staff Nurses on Ward A6, I’m regularly the shift coordinator in the absence of management, and care for patients undergoing Elective and Emergency Colo-Rectal, Upper GI, and general surgical procedures as well as the patients who have been admitted directly from the A&E Department into the Surgical Assessment Unit based within Ward A6.

I take a great deal of pride in my profession and this is something that I feel passionate about. In my experience, the staff at UHSM demonstrate total dedication and compassion towards the patients treated here. Teamwork is an integral part of our working culture; we are honest and open, sharing our experiences in order to support and learn from each other at every stage. This enables us to provide the best possible service to our patients and their families.’

Alix Ramelli – Recruitment Co-ordinator

‘I was made aware of an opportunity to become a HR Administration Apprentice at UHSM through my apprenticeship company and was instantly attracted to the role and hospital. I have always been interested in following a career in the NHS and upon reading about UHSM I knew it was a place I would want to work. The Trust’s missions and values really stood out to me, as well as the feeling of community and passion that surrounds the hospital.

I’ve already had many opportunities to get involved with projects and training courses in the short time I’ve been working at the trust. The LEAD programme offers a range of training courses which aids personal and professional development to all staff members, and through the support and encouragement of my team I have been able to attend a number of these. I feel the knowledge I have gained from these courses definitely helped increase my career prospects and I was recently offered a permanent position within the recruitment team.

What stands out to me about working at UHSM is how you really do feel part of one team. Not just within the department, but throughout the entire hospital. When you’re walking around the hospital, people always have a friendly smile and are very helpful if you need to ask anything. There are definitely a lot of opportunities to build strong working relationships here.

I would highly recommend UHSM as a place to work. The opportunities and experiences I have had since working here have had an extremely positive influence on my career and personal life. I’ve met so many enthusiastic, like-minded people from all different areas of the hospital and look forward to continuing to develop my skills and progress in my career here.’