Work experience

UHSM recognises the importance of supporting local people to undertake work experience at Wythenshawe Hospital. Our future depends on attracting people to the wide range of careers on offer by increasing awareness of the different types of staff required to ensure the smooth running of a large NHS Foundation Trust.

UHSM has put in place the following age restrictions regarding placements; these restrictions are in place in order to protect individuals from inappropriate placements, where they may not be able to cope with the physical or emotional elements of the placement.

  • All work experience persons must be 15 or over.
  • Work experience persons over the age of 16 may observe in clinical areas.
  • Work experience persons must be 18 or over to enter Theatres, ICU, A&E or the Mortuary.

Applications can be made by completing an application form to and sending it to Mrs Hilary Ann Whyatt, 1st Floor ERC, Wythenshawe Hospital, M23 9LT, or email your form to: